The Home Truth About Internet Marketing

Think of Internet marketing, or any kind of online marketing for that matter, as a business. Like any offline business you may be involved in, you need to invest. Whether it’s in learning more about your particular industry or purchasing equipment to make the business run smoother and more efficiently, without investment your business will be left floundering. There are many so called online marketers who drift into Internet marketing almost by accident and think it’s their right to make money from day one, with their only investment being their PC, which they probably had anyway! Well it’s time to take a reality pill!

Many offline businesses do not show a profit during the first, say twelve months. That is a perfectly acceptable situation! As the business grows it requires strong commitment to investment and the new owners are typically experiencing the learning curves associated with their new venture. We must appreciate that embarking on a career in Internet marketing is not too dissimilar to starting an offline business in that respect. Although it’s true to say there are many advantages of choosing Internet marketing as a career move. Working from the comfort of your home, not having to commute, working hours which suit other activities or commitments you may have. These advantages are very often quoted on websites who are trying to recruit new members to their Internet marketing program.

But let’s look at the bigger picture and view it more in perspective. Here are just a handful of more powerful advantages in developing a future within the Internet Marketing arena over building and growing a conventional offline business.

1/. Working from home in Internet marketing means you do not need to find rent for your new business premises. A small home office where you can find peace and quiet and not be too distracted by other family members is all you need. There may be a small conversion expense here but nothing ongoing.

2/. You will not require a budget for vehicle or travelling expenses. Many offline businesses require a large budget for vehicles to include, fuel, insurance and repairs, whereas internet marketing business owners do not need any form of transport whatsoever.

3/. There is no need to even have a telephone service installed separate from your home account. Most communications connected to your Internet marketing business will typically be made using email or online messenger services, which are mostly free of charge, so once again, a huge expense spared.

4/. Internet marketing requires no special insurances. Your main equipment would be your PC and would be covered for accidental damage or theft under your home insurance cover. Offline businesses often pay a fortune in premiums for cover such as customer liability, loss of profits etc.

So here already we have identified four very attractive benefits to investing in Internet marketing over investing in an offline business. Now the word investment is very important here and I cannot stress that enough. So… since you are saving such a lot of expenditure on being able to work from home, you are able to give proper attention to financing your Internet marketing business. So many new hopefuls join the Internet marketing arena, and immediately download free tools and ebooks and never give their online business a chance. They spend nothing and make even less!

An old adage springs to mind here… ‘You reap what you sow’ and that applies to Internet marketing too! You will never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

So if you are considering embarking on a career in internet marketing, make sure you set aside budgets for tools and tutorials.. Do not rely on software that is offered to you free.. Remember that if it was worth it’s salt, you wouldn’t be getting it free. The best software will cost you! As will the quality ebook tutorials or educational membership sites.. Start small and stay in control.. visit Internet marketing software reviews sites before you buy. Do not rely on what the sales pages tell you. Research your investments well. Plan your business, your strategy and invest in it with quality tools, tutorials and resources. It’s the best start you can have, and if you are to be successful in your internet marketing ventures you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot right from the off!

Remember, your internet marketing business is not likely to be an overnight success. As with any offline business it will require a good deal of commitment and investment!

Trevor Taylor

An Indispensable Software For Affiliate Marketers

Most people who have dabbled with “making money from the Internet” would probably have tried affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has been defined as “an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.” (quoted from Wikipedia)

It is common for someone new to affiliate marketing to start off by doing what is commonly termed in the industry as direct linking. Basically, what this means is the affiliate’s marketing efforts are designed or focused in “linking” the prospective customer “directly” to the merchant’s web site. Hence the phrase “direct linking.”

Other affiliates, especially those who have been longer in the business, move on to creating their own landing pages and even more elaborate web pages like product review pages. The latest trend practised by some affiliates is to replace the merchant’s sales page entirely with their own video sales page!

However, whether the affiliate links to the merchant’s sales page directly or not at the commencement of the sales process, eventually he or she will still have to link to the merchant’s order page to complete the sale process and to collect his affiliate commission. This means that at some point in the sales process these direct links to the merchant’s site will broadcast to the whole world that they are affiliate links. This raises 2 problems. Firstly, because the affiliate’s identity is revealed, other unscrupulous marketers are in a position to steal the affiliate’s sales commissions. Secondly, even if the affiliate link is encrypted by the network (Clickbank for example allows their affiliates to do this), the link still screams out at the prospect the message that “you are making money on me!”

To solve these issues, some affiliate marketers have resorted to cloaking their affiliate links. One low cost way to do this is to use free services like tiny.url or Doing this is definite better than leaving the link uncloaked. However this technique does not give the affiliate full control over how the link will look and it still does not look very professional.

Clever affiliate marketers are prepared to invest in software tools that give them an edge over their competition. One software tool that does this but which has for the most part been unknown to most affiliate marketers is the Power Link Generator. This software solves the 2 problems highlighted above. In addition, it enables the affiliate to track clicks.

A salient feature of this software is often overlooked: most hardworking affiliates will probably be promoting many products and services. Keeping a proper record of all these products and services can be a real headache. And even if an affiliate has been meticulously keeping track of the products and services that he or she is promoting, what happens when this product or service is suddenly taken off the market? Or the company retailing the product may just decide to change their URL. It happens!

After years of promoting and leaving the original affiliate links as it is all over the web, all the affiliate’s efforts will suddenly come to nothing. And it may take him weeks if not months to edit all these promotional materials, assuming that it was possible to do so. Think of all the hard work involved. Most affiliates won’t even remember exactly what they did to market the product in the first place. Putting it mildly, it’s a royal nightmare!

However, if the affiliate was using a program like the Power Link Generator, he will be spared this nightmare. Firstly, he will know almost immediately if a product has been “pulled” from the market, since the software tracks all clicks and conversions. Secondly, and more important, he can easily point his links to the new URL (if that is what has happened) or easily find and replace the product that has been discontinued. All this is done easily from the control panel of the Power Link Generator program. You can’t do this if you have been cloaking your affiliate links with a free service like

In my opinion, just this feature alone makes the Power Link Generator worth many times its retail value.

I have already mentioned the fact that the Power Link Generator makes affiliate links look more professional. With more professional looking links, click through rates will invariably improve and conversion rate may double, triple or even quadruple as a result. I have only highlighted what I feel are the crucial features of the software. There are more benefits but space does not permit me to elaborate on them here.

If there is a list of indispensable software for the serious affiliate marketer, I believe that the Power Link Generator will be right up there at or very near the top of this list.